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I HATED having to pierce people because I knew that I should not be piercing ears due to inadequate training.When it comes to tattoos, however, they look healed within a day or two.

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My sister was also about a year old, which might account for the extra precaution, but it was much easier for her than it was for me.In addition to the cautions against piercing guns already mentioned, the blunt force of the gun can shatter cartilage.

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Everything was clean, well taken care of, and they made sure to explain to me exactly how to take care of them.They put in new cartridges but those guns are reused by everyone and are not autoclaved.Basically my skin bubbles up in a terrible looks like someone poured acid on it kind of reaction.If you really need a cheaper place, Piercing Pagoda was great for my sister.That smaller device is new with each client and each ear, because they come with the jewelry inserted.If you NEED TO- ask questions to the piercer and see how you feel with them doing it- show them the tools and what not, they may use disposable guns now and then make a choice about getting it done at claires. (doubtful) Albeit cheap, but not worth the risk.

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My healing time has increased since my first set of holes (six years prior), so it took longer for me to be able to comfortably change out the (stainless steel, flatback) studs they provided, but today I have no problems and they behave better than my original holes.

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Ear piercing is only available with the purchase of an ICING Starter Kit. ICING EAR Care Antiseptic and a 20% off coupon for your next visit.From my knowledge they do have santizer wipes to clean the gun.

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Posts are moderated for content according to the following guidelines (hit report on violations).They healed up very fast and i was pleased with how they came out.All turned out fine, although I may have been lucky, especially since the self-done ones were the acting-out of 14-year-old me.Icing is most known for its free ear piercing with any ear-piercing kit.

Claire s earring earrings collection claire s earring earrings collection claire s ear piercing molecularmodelling info the top 10 best s on ear piercing.Free Ear Piercing Every Day With the purchase of a starter kit. Get Deal. 8. DEAL.

Yes, there are stories of people who use guns, and have never had a problem, but for every one of those there is one about someone who got a horrible infection (some resulting in hospitalization).Took my daughter and her friend (both just turning 4) to get their ears pierced.My ears got terribly infected too because of the cheap jewelry.As far as the second and third holes, those were a nightmare and still are.Images: No direct links to images, except on Image-Fest Friday (IFF).It can be a little hard to find the hole sometimes, but other than that, no complaints.But you should be fine at either place as long as you make sure you are keeping care of your piercings.

I got pierced there when young, and the holes were way too low and I had to get them redone.

Claire s ear piercing coupon keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related.After working there I would never go there for a piercing again.I took out my second (higher) piercings though because they were uneven.

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If you know anyone with pierced ears, I would suggest seeing who did their ears.The tragus ended up not working out, since I like to play with it, I sleep on that side, I lost jewelry on a long trip and had to pantomime what I needed in Spain, and all that equaled too much irritation, but that is all on me.The guns that they used actually came in their own sealed packages, same for the earrings.The aftercare information you provide tells people to go to their doctor in the event of pain or infection, so why would anyone think to follow up with you.My first holes are uneven but other than that I never had any problems with them.And yet, absolutely no problem with the gun piercings any time.I never had any issue with them, nor did they heal weird, and they were both straight.

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